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Team Philosophy
As we were planning our curriculum and developing our programing, we decided we wanted to run an in house swim team in addition to our lesson program. Here is the reasoning behind this decision, and the philosophy, which will guide the direction of our team.

Today, kids are being required to make a greater to sports at a younger age. Swimming is no different. Many of the USA Swimming programs in our area require multiple day commitments to join their beginner level groups or teams. We feel a bit differently. We firmly believe we can deliver a quality introduction to competitive swimming by offering a one night a week program.

Here is what we are trying to accomplish with our team program:

  1. A fun and positive experience in a comfortable environment
  2. An introduction to what it is to be part of a team
  3. Introduction to swim workout etiquette:
    1. Circle swimming – sharing a lane with multiple people
    2. How to use a pace clock
    3. Introduction to aerobic swimming and kicking
    4. Aerobic and interval training for endurance and athleticism
    5. Quarterly in house meets

This simple yet very important statement, “You will never swim fast until you learn to swim fast”, drives our team program. That is why we continually stress and work on proper stroke mechanics and techniques and teach proper touches and turns.

Coach Jack Young, who has 25 plus years coaching high-level USA Club Swimming dealing with all level of swimmers from novice swimmers to Olympic Trial qualifiers and National finalist, directs our team program.